Globalette is a fine jewelry line inspired by travel and symbolism.  Anna Mitchell, founder and designer of Globalette, designs each piece to be worn daily, conveying a personal message to the wearer wherever she goes.  Globalette's simple yet powerful designs are based on Greek, Egyptian, alchemy, and other ancient symbols.

Anna designed her first ring -  Poseidon  - to memorialize an adventure in Greece and her connection with nature, the smell of salt and warmth of the Mediterranean sun, something a bit absent in her big city life and legal career, yet integral to her identity.  The Poseidon ring quickly became a conversational piece, drawing in people's inquisitiveness about the symbol, and Anna realized that jewelry was a beautiful way to connect with others.  Wanting to share her designs, Anna launched Globalette.  Much love and thought has gone into each design and it makes Anna's heart full to share them with you.    

Each design is researched, sketched, and hand carved into wax before being cast into lustrous precious metals of 14K gold, 14K rose gold, or sterling silver.  Globalette jewelry is made by hand in New York City.

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